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Welcome to the Keymodule electronic library

In the library, you will find a range of scientific presentations and bibliography presented or written by both Keymodule staff and our users. The library contains several articles and presentations about Keymodule's products. The library is organized into sections, and each section is broken down according to the products.

You may need AcrobatReader or PowerPointViewer to view our articles and presentations. Some of the articles are linked to journal publications and you may need a subscription to access the full text.

This section of the library includes a list of articles published about our products in scientific journals.
This section lists the presentations and posters which were held and presented at various conferences and meetings. They focus on the key features and capabilities of each product from a technical or scientific point of view.
This section contains technical papers that analyse and discuss certain aspects of our software products.
Here there are some review papers about our products.
The list of scientific publications from the users of Keymodule software is probably not complete, but it provides a good approximation of the scientific activity in the user community with our software.
Here you can browse among the presentations and posters of our users. These gives a good insight into for what they use Keymodule software in their research.