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CLiDE - Tools for extracting structures from documents and images

CLiDE Standard

CLiDE Standard is a software tool for extracting structures from printed documents and images. CLiDE Standard supports 'single structure at a time' extraction designed for the individual chemist.

It is equipped with an easy-to-use, classic document viewer user interface. The extracted structure can be directly transferred into well-known chemical editors (to correct any mistakes) and saved into various chemical formats.

CLiDE Professional

CLiDE Professional is the enterprise version of CLiDE Standard with the capability to process a large amount of structures in a simple mouse click. Generic structures are also interpreted.

CLiDE Professional provides a split view for the easy comparison of the extracted structures to those in the original document.

CLiDE Batch

Intended for database creation and mass data production, CLiDE Batch is the command-line version of CLiDE Professional. Several options are provided to control the interpretation and how the results should be exported.